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Construction Photography

Photographically the construction industry is a broad church, encompassing portrait photography, documentary photography, interior/architectural photography, and reportage/pr photography. But from the boardroom to the building site, from the artisan metal fabricator to the national house builder, construction is shot through with one enduring quality; hard work. 

Construction brands portray themselves with a degree of control, of polish and precision. But when it comes to branding they neglect where most of their time, money and effort is spent; onsite, at the coal face. All that teamwork, skill and experience. 


Sure, it's talked about in the marketing copy, bids and tenders, in those sales presentations, annual reports and PR. But where are the photos. Concerns about messy building sites, PPE and HSE, about dealing with those subcontractors, and what about disruption. So maybe it's staged photos; you know the ones, the awkward pose, the shiny new hi-vis, the big white smile. Or worse, it's generic stock photos of someone else; empty, generic and anonymous.


Are you generic and anonymous, it’s not the 90’s anymore, it’s 2024. People want to see behind those shiny corporate facades, they want authenticity and honesty, they want to see real people and real work; that’s what they’re paying for, and that’s what I capture. Never staged, never disruptive; just billboard quality photos of a candid nature. Your brand brought forwards, sub-contractors pushed back, PPE compliant. Photos to be proud of.

'I've worked with Ed on a couple of projects and the team are incredibly happy with his shots. He's very passionate about what he does and that comes out in his photos. Would definitely recommend.'     - McGee Engineering  (more reviews)

Brick layer fitting cavity tray.
Balfour Beatty piling rig on the M25 motorway.
Excavators demolition of concrete wall.
Carpenter perfecting shadow gap.
Crane lifting steel onto roof of construction site.
Scaffolder smiling while carrying scaffold tube.
Scaffolder loading scaffold tubes onto delivery vehicle.
Groundworks team pouring concrete onto rebar.
Welder onsite welding to vehicle gate.
Team of construction workers doing various 1st fix carpentry.
Joiner feeding timber into table saw in workshop.
Window installation team lifting glass into frame.
Carpenter onsite spannering two joists together.
Electrician concentrating on screwing socket in place.
Labourer holding pipe for concrete pour.
Technician fitting gasket to sliding door.
Chef pouring chocolate mix into ice cream mixer.
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