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Music Photography

Live music is my passion. Like construction the music industry is shot through with hard work. But what makes this hard work different is, frankly, it’s not for the money, it’s for more than that, it’s for the love of it. Capturing the passion and creativity, the hearts on sleeves; it’s a beautiful thing. What makes live music special is as much about the artist as it is about the audience. On one hand there’s a shared love, but on the other there’s an exchange, a trade; the audiences' support and understanding, for the artists ability to be confident yet vulnerable; and that’s hard work. 

'We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ed for over a year.  He’s undeniably one of the best photographers we’ve used for taking live music photos at our venues.  One of the pics has recently been used for an album cover.  Great photo!  He’s easy to work with, professional and respectful with clients.'    - Pizza Express, PX Records  (more reviews)

Solo singer singing passionately into microphone looking up into the light.
Band performaing onstage in smoke machine haze.
Classical concert accepting standing ovation in concert hall in London.
Festival ravers having a great time in the dance tent.
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